True lavender color

stimpy926January 28, 2014

Hi all,

I was reminded today when my Oakes catalog arrived about my forgotten quest to find out about this. I bought from them Lilting Lavender and Wilson Spider because of the lavender and purple/yellow colors advertised. So, these are actually magenta. It seems that's a common dilemma with other gardeners.
I love these two daylilies nonetheless.

What am I missing to get lavender on these two? Soil PH? Temperature? I guess the suppliers are exempt from color guarantees...who knows what is regarded as 'lavender'. :-/

I suspect a true lavender and yellow may be out there but it is expensive??

Can anyone enlighten me?

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wren-garden(zone 5b/6)

Paula, True Lavender and purple has been part of my work on my Daylilies for years. This has been my experience. When looking up the information on a candidate the key word is Blue. If the Daylily is described as "Blue lavender" there is a greater chance of it being lavender and not orchid, magenta or pinkish. This goes for true pinks too. If it says "Blue pink" it is more likely not to be peach but real pink. Do not trust the color displayed on you computers monitor. You get a better read on the color by looking it up on Tinkers data base, plus more then one growers sight. Yes growing conditions do effect the color so there will be some chance involved. Best of luck.

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shive(6b TN)

It looks like you like the spidery ones. Here are some true blue lavenders of the narrow type: John Karl Seager and Angelus Blue Skies, English Lavender is a round one that is a true lavender.


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I've grown Lilting Lavender for years. My soil PH is about 8. In the past 3 years color is very faded, I'm sure from our very hot temps. Other wise the color is a beautiful lavender.

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I've known the publishers play with flower color in the the catalog photos for drama and I relied on the written description. So much for that. I was talking to someone yesterday and she suggests it's genetics - that I received plants with the dominant gene color rather than 'lavender' - being the recessive gene color.
Thanks, I will follow this helpful information!

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