Golden Sedum Annies Annuals is it same as 'Sedum Adolphii'?

elschDecember 22, 2011

Hi everyone. Does anyone know if Annies Annuals Sedum x Adolphii "Golden Sedum" is the same plant as the one called "Sedum Adolphii".

I got a bunch of "Golden Sedum" and they look more chartreuse than Sedum Adolphii, but maybe its just cultural practices.


Here is a link that might be useful: Annies Annuals Golden Sedum

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Doing the bump

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sorry about my double post, there is another thread of same title, i was having computer problems and didn't think it got posted, so thats why i reposted. Maybe we should use that thread, as not to confuse anyone.

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No worries, elvie, that's why I took the liberty....

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