About growing San Pedro cactus from seed

KeyboargDecember 12, 2012

I attempted to grow this in the seed starting dome. I failed as I think there was no enough airflow with the combination of the heat pad

Should I attempt again? I was told that its a very hard cactus to grow(maybe all cactus are hard to grow. Don't know)

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wazungy(Quebec Canada)

Trichocerus/echinopsis are fairly easy to grow from seed.

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Did they germinate and then damp off? Or did they just never germinate? Place a thermometer in the dome if you are using a heat pad without a thermostat, just to be sure it doesn't get too hot. Sometimes under lights it can get pretty hot inside even without a heat pad. I think most cacti like to have it at about 70 degrees for best germination.

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