Sunburst vs. Dancy Tangerine

soupaman(9a)November 15, 2006

So after I finally figured out that Sunburst is a TANGERINE not a TANGELO (for cross pollinating my Minneola tangelo) I think its, Sunburst, readily available through Harris Citrus however when I contacted the nursery they recommend in my area the gentleman was very confident / insistent (and I suppose I would trust his judgment as this is his business) that Dancy would be a better choice than I looked up some stuff on Dancy on the UF web site and then found a few comments on Dave's Garden in relation to Dancy performance and I'm thinking I should still stick with the Sunburst just in the overall 'ease-of-use' factor as far as susceptibility to disease etc.....

UF Information in regards to:

Sunburst - UF Sunburst Page

Dancy - UF Dancy Page

UF Cross Pollination Chart

Any advice? Experience? Maybe I should just buy them both?

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athagan(z9a N/C Fl)

I went through this myself two years ago, but in the opposite direction of trying to find the best pollenizer for my Sunburst tangerine that would mature fruit before they froze off the tree.

The Minneola Tangelo fact sheet suggests Sunburst is a good choice for your Minneola.

As does this Pollenization of Citrus Hybrids fact sheet.

When I was trying to decide what tangerine variety I wanted I spent some time weighing Sunburst vs. Dancy and decided on Sunburst.


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were you happy with the results?

I think you may live near me in North Central Florida ... in Palm Coast

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athagan(z9a N/C Fl)

I'm up here in the Gainesville area.

Yes, I've been happy with the results so far. It's about weighing relative factors and I think the Sunburst came out to be the better choice, but a Dancy could have been made to work if that's what I could get.

As the literature notes the Sunburst does have some susceptiblity to rust mites and I've found this to be true. So far though they haven't been bad enough to do something about.

Orange Dogs seem to like the tree as well, but they can be easily hand picked.


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