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pdshop(5)October 20, 2007

Is there anything you should add to the soil now that wouldmake it better for the dahlias next year?

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I understand a really good additive is sheep manure but think any well rotted manure would do as well. Steve in Baltimore County.

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Get a soil test and if you need to adjust the Ph now is the time to do it. Dahlias like a Ph of 6.2-6.8 optimal or 6 to 7.

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I was thinking of seeding with crimson clover in my raised bed and tilling under in the spring for organic material. I plan on leaving my tubers in the ground since this is their first year, keep the inverted tomato cages over them as markers so I won't till them by accident in the spring, and putting mulch directly on top of them for warmth. How does that sound for soil prep?

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