Half and Half Serano

steve22802(7a VA)October 4, 2012

Does anyone have an explanation for a flower that is half one color and half another? It's not the whole plant, just one or two flowers that have appeared over the course of the whole season. The rest of the flowers on this plant are the normal speckled Serano pattern.

Also, another clue in the mystery is that there is a dahlia right beside this Serano dahlia that is also labeled Serano but the flowers on it are 100% red, like the left half of the flower in the picture. Both plants came in the same package labeled Serano from Lowes. I'm guessing that the solid red was a parent of Serano and that there is a bit of reversion going on in this one bud.

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

I can't give you an answer, but that sure s cool looking.

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Noni Morrison

I have found that this happens a lot about this time of year.
My "Hollyhill 6 in 1" went tosolid red with one white tip from a yellow varigated one. Today I picked a "Wyn's New Pastel" that was a pinky carmel gold with 3 pastel pink petals at the bottom. Most likely the dahlia will return to being its usual color next year...unless it truly has created a sport. I think you have to cut the tissue where the sport is and propagate from that to preserve it.

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MANY grower sites I have visited will tell you that a lot of bi-colors will pull one way or the other on a whim. Check out "Rebeccas World" dahlia - it may pull all crimson and little white or all white and no crimson and of course it is supposed to be half and half.

Have had the same thing happen to me on several dahlias in my yard. Next year I am going to try Court Jester from Hollyhill. It is said it will also pull more white or red depending upon ???? There is no rhyme nor reason to whether it goes all one color or the other - they just do.

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ptpulley(8b Western WA)

I have several Purple Splash in my garden. Most of produce all variegated flowers like they are supposed to be, but one plant has lots of flowers that are completely or heavily purple colored. It's very interesting.

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