Adding even more seating to the garden :)

lavender_lass(4b)January 6, 2011

So, I'm getting in the 'gardening mood' now that the holidays are over...and the seed catalogs are showing up! Very exciting! One thing I want to do is add more seating to the garden...mine and my mom's.

At home, I want to create a little patio area for the BBQ and the table and four chairs (with umbrella) that we got last year. It's too darn hot in back (west side) and we need to find some shade. My husband loves to BBQ, but we end up eating so late, especially when it's light until 9:30 in June. We're thinking of maybe moving everything, over by the lilac hedge. Nice shade and still a view out the see the horses :)

The other thing I'd like to do...find a nice settee/loveseat and a couple of chairs (not sure what material) but something I can leave out in the snow and add cushions to, in the summer. I really want to create a nicer/larger area for tea. I love to have tea with my friends and famiy, but I need to seat at least four. Right now, I have a cute place for two on the porch, but a bigger space would be wonderful!

For my mom, we're moving her potager to the front yard...and it gives us the opportunity to add a few more benches and maybe a little seating area. She loves seating areas, even a small bench, where she can sit and enjoy the garden. She says every view should have its own spot to enjoy it! Plus, everyone needs to sit down, take a break, and/or have a place to set down your tools and a cool beverage!

So, anyone else planning new seating areas?

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Maybe. I'd like to clean up the area where the trellis house used to stand, right now there's all manner of briars and weeds,the rose that used to grow on the trellis house and grasses. Instead of ripping those all out, I'm going to try and build around and amongst them for a little "hide-a-way in the brush". But, the only thing is there is scant privacy down there now days. The neighbor's back yard with all their "toys" is just a few yards away. Some scrub trees and a couple of pines shield the corner a little, but you can still see and hear everything that goes on over there.

There aren't many materials chairs can me made of that will hold up to the elements year round, except maybe resin or all-weather wicker. Even metal will rust. I think I've mentioned I have an all-weather wicker chase, and to me it is not as comfortable as real wicker. Perhaps if I could afford the nice big all-weather cushions for it, it would be another story.

It's only January, and I'm so missing my broken-in wicker chair on the back porch. :(

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

I bought a metal 'conversation' bench that I just adored. Now I can find no where to place it. Since the people sitting in it face different ways, it can't go up against a wall or fence or hedge. There just isn't the right spot in my garden. I'd love to plan an area for it (it's actually quite comfortable) but I don't know what sort of garden plan it needs. Maybe someone will have a suggestion.

LL- definitely make that patio to sit and BBQ. You will get so much enjoyment out of it.

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I have several places where we sit & read, eat, drink, or just enjoy the garden. There's a small front deck with only space for 2-3 chairs, the large front patio with dining table & chairs & BBQ nearby, & the back deck with an assortment of chairs, tables, potted plants, & a totem for good measure! It's on the north-east corner of the house so really nice on hot days. The front deck & patio are on the south side & in full sun for much of the day so only comfortable in the early morning or evenings.

LL, our patio dining table & chairs are coated metal & we still put them away under cover (table in the barn and chairs in my garden house) as I think they will last longer. I hang the cushions up to prevent mice from wintering in them. So far it's worked.

I always love to see pics of seating areas *in* the garden & since I'm trying to find ideas to fill space when I reduce the lawn area I may do this. I could put down cardboard, mulch & install a bench or a couple of chairs - a nice place to have tea. Anyone have a space like this?

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holleygarden, I nearly bought one of those benches and it was metal also with a light green patina. It had the feel of India about it. I thought I'd place it down in the orchard where it would be surrounded by the flower borders, that is right in the center of a square patch of lawn with the borders on all four sides. That is if I keep up the borders, right now it's slow going to fill them in and maintain them.

Or I could see it on a patio of pavers, surround by a low boxwood hedge, hedge of herbal plantings, ect. This would require people to see in mostly full sun but that would be fine on early Spring days or in Fall.

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

I love having different places to sit in the garden. One change I'm making is taking my hammock and moving it to my yard rather than garden, and replacing it with a wood bench I saw at my garden center. It's made of a beautiful tree trunk cut in half length wise. It's heavily shellacked so it'll last and has a nice rustic feel to it.
I love my hammock but it takes up a lot of space. So Im thinking of planting a tree create shade and place hammock near that. I have to run the tree idea by dh, because it's a big addition!

I love planning the garden now, especially since it's snowing out!

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

schoolhouse - Mine, too, is metal with a light green patina! Thanks so much for the ideas. Imagining your orchard has me thinking: I have an area with three small trees, very close together. DH is always saying I need to surround the trees with plantings, but have never given it much thought. However, I could surround them with some kind of flower border, then put the seat and something easy inside the border (like ditch dayliles?). I'm imagining it now! Thanks!

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I have various lawn chairs in different areas of the garden but would like a couple of nice benches and more defined areas for sitting when someone drops over while I am working in the beds. Places we can sit down for just a few minutes in the area and where the benches blend into the surroundings. This is my #1 project for the year.

We built a new deck last fall which is a good place for entertaining and longer visits.

Holleygarden, that sounds like the perfect spot for a seating area.

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