Help with Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree - Brown spots on leaves

nhi_nNovember 21, 2009


I purchased my Meyer lemon tree about a month ago, repotted it and while it seems to be generally doing well (putting out new shoots and flower buds), the lower leaves seem to be developing brown spots that spread over the entire leaf. I've taken several photos. Whatever guidance you could provide would be appreciated!



Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of Meyer Lemon tree

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chemical burn, causes, feritlizer and or other chemicals sprayed on. Your tree will be fine. This could also be from spraying tree with fresh water on a hot sunny day.

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Thank you! I did fertilize it with an slow release organic all-purpose fertilizer (10% nitrogen, 2% phosphate, 8% potash, 1.8% calcium, 3% sulfur) when I first repotted it so, so maybe it's hitting the tree now? I was worried that the cause was fungal, overwatering (although I've been very good about not "overloving" my tree) or even some nutrient deficiency/imbalance. Would it be better to leave it be (let the existing fertilizer leach out) or should I "treat" with a citrus fertilizer?

Thanks, again, for your advice!

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This was caused from a spray by either adding Iron, Micro nutrients or a liquid fertilizer that was sprayed on the leaves. Another cause would be spraying water in full sun.
Your tree will do just fine. I suggest if you spray your tree early morning is the best.
I also suggest re-evaluating your fertilizer use, research the site

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