Question about dividing re-sprouting clumps

steve22802(7a VA)October 24, 2012

I have a couple clumps of dahlias where the big main stem broke off in late summer due to storm damage. The clump then sent up many smaller sprouts. I dug one of these clumps in order to divide it now that the end of the season is here but there were lots of sprouts everywhere. It obviously helped me to identify where eyes are located but I also had to break off the sprouts. How will this affect the tuber next season? Will they re-sprout from the same eyes? Will I get multiple sprouts from tubers? Some of the eyes already seemed to be generating multiple sprouts from the same eye.

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Any sprouts should be snipped off. You want to store them with no roots or sprouts. They will sprout again in the spring.

I have a similar situation with some of my tubers. We had a hard enough frost to kill the plants, but since then it has been quite a bit warmer so they are making another try.

I have some "eyes" or the start of new sprouts on the lower areas of stems, which I have never seen before in the fall. Those I will just cut off and toss.

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