mike and toni, i need your help asap!!!

andrew78(6)November 8, 2010

I checked on my Oro Blanco grapefruit trees today because I noticed a few buds on my Oro blanco grapefruit tree. I almost thought i was going to puke when I found these big white bugs(looks like cotton) with brown heads and tiny pincers!! The crappy part is that I was planning on dragging evrything in my plant room back out for the day tomorrow so I could drench them with the FE spray. I mixed 2 tablespoons with a 750ml spray bottle. I actually plucked off the bugs I could see but how long will it take for me to get these damn things off my plants for the winter??


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Andrew..Is there any way you can take pictures of them so we can get an immediate diagnosis?

I will tell you, Rhizzo is the expert in this department, identifying insects and helping to rid them..

I have a feeling that what you are describing is Mealie bug...They were horrible this year on many people's plants because of the very hot and long extended dry weather in our area..

Which plants are they on other than your Oro..?Any bug on this plant and at that size is easy to rid..What concerns me is what other plants they are on surrounding your Oro..


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Hey Mike,
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back here and check this post out. It was rude for me to ask for help and then not check the advise that was given to me. You know how much I appreciate your knowledge and expertise.

Okay, I went online and checked out diffrent picks of what the invader was. I have had mealybugs before in the past and they were horrible to rid off of my plants.

I found(thank god!!) that they were scale and not the mealybugs. In an email, you had told me that Tuesday I would be VERY busy ridding them by hand and soaking the trees with the insecticidal soap or whatever I used. I ended up mixing rubbing alcohol and H20. It has worked pretty well so far and interestingly enough, I only found maybe about 7-8 on the 2 Oro and none on the other Oro. The sad part is that both are just flushing all kinds of new growth and for the first one, it is the second time since I almost lost it. For the second one, it is the FIRST time it has flushed and set flower buds. Actually both have set flower buds and I lost some of them along with the new growth from rubbing them with a wash cloth.

The other plants that I found them on was actually just my 'Maha Chinook' mango tree. I may have found one on my grafted cherimoya but so far that was it. I am 3/4 of the way done with treating them again and like I said earlier, the Oro's seem to be the only victims. My dwarf avocado, 2 cherimoyas, caimito, dwarf singapore plumeria, are bug free!!! I know the scale can almost be microscopic so I know I will probobly have to go back in either tomorrow or Saturday to make sure that there were no tiny scale or any eggs that hatched. I also have been making sure to keep up on good hygiene. I think this is critical when dealing with any bug infestations! By that I mean that I am removing dead or damaged leaves, leaves that have dropped, and spraying the surface of the soil(not soaking but lightly spraying) in case there is scale there. I also found scale on the bamboo supports I have in the pots. Maybe they didn't care for the FE thatwas coating the leaves?? I also had to get rid of that sticky crap that was on the leaves. I will keep you guys posted as to how they all do now.

I have to get back to work now. I still have all the plants on my plant table but thank fully they are nuch smaller and easier to take care of, except for maybe my Bird of Paradise which is sending up 2 nice blloming stems!

Rhizzo, if you read this please offer some tips! I am sorry I didn't I didn't include you!

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