dahlia vendors??

Prettypetals_GA_7-8October 13, 2011

Just getting any updates on some of your favorite places to order dahlias from!! Thanks, Judy

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

I have only ordered from Swan Island and Wynne's in past. I just recently placed an order with Lynch Creek. Has anyone had any experience with them? I also placed another order with Swan Island. I may order again from Wynnes if they have Moonlight Sonata available this year. I had that one before and lost it over the winter. I absolutely love that one!

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I have ordered several times from Swan Island and looked at the other two today but just wondered if their were any other places out there anyone ordered from. I will have to look up Moonlight Sonata.

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On the dahlia big list, I only see Moonlight Sonota carried by Cowlitz and Birch Bay. I've never bought from either. My favorites are Accent and Swan Island. Not to say there aren't other great vendors. You might try some local tuber sales to get Moonlight Sonata, since it isn't widely carried.

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Definitely check the local tuber sales next spring. Not only can you find some nice tubers at great prices, but you'll be able to talk to the people "in the know". They'll be able to tell you which preform well in your area and answer any questions you might have. Plus, it's just a lot of fun! There are several in my area that I hit each year even though I'm topped out.

I see that Wynne's didn't carry Moonlight Sonata this year. I purchased two tubers several years ago. Thought I lost them both, but did plant a questionable tuber this past spring. Fortunately, it survived and the plant is now blooming. Unfortunately, the tubers don't store well.

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Noni Morrison

I get lovely dahlias form Cowlitz....can't wait to see what they offer each year. I also ordered from Accent for the first time and am very happy with what I got. I had trouble getting my Wyn's dahlias to sprout...even the ones they replaced them with. I like the flowers I did get though, especially Garden Glow...just wonder why they are so slow to start in my greenhouse? I'm pretty sure several of them were blind.

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Thanks everyone, Took one last trip to the beach this year so have been playing in the sand for a few days instead of the dirt. lol!! Thanks everyone for your suggestions and I will def check them out. I will try to find some local tuber sales too. Thanks again, Judy

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I've ordered from so many that it's hard to pick a favorite. Late last spring I found Jan's Country Garden on the Big Dahlia List. Very nice web site with great quality photos. You even get music while you shop. lol

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May I ask . . . did you have good luck with your Jan's tubers? You're right that her site is fun, and she's a very likeable person who clearly loves her dahlias . . .


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Redmond Phyllis, we had a very wet Spring and a lot of tubers rotted. I was still planting and replacing all through June. Most vendors had stopped selling tubers for the year. I contacted Jan and she checked to see what she still had, mostly as a convenience to me, i'm sure. She sent many extras and a few didn't make it. I still had enough to fill in and they did very well. As I'm sure you know,tubers in June and July would be kind of "iffy". So I really appreciate her help. I will order again this coming Spring.

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I ordered from eagle, tall grass farms, redhawk and swans.
eagle was very good, tallgrass sent really small tubers BUT all their tubers had eyes and grew so well for me I was very, very happy with them, I love redhawk for her prices and all she has to choose from, all hers came with eyes and grew very well. I also ordered from jan's and almost all my tubers rotted? they came with eyes sproted so I thought my bad, but she did send one tuber with no eye and it had been cut without any part of the neck and I thought jan knows more then me so I kept it to see if it would ever get an eye. No it did not and I called to see If she would send a replacement and she told me that some tubers just don't make it and that she buys tubers from others that don't make it. I'm sorry but I don't think thats good business!

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In 2010 I ordered from Jans and not one of the tubers made it. I also loved the web site but I can't take failures. This year I haad bad luck with Hollyhill? Go firgure.

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Over the years of ordering, the best, surprisingly firm, with eyes tubers were from "Accent". Other suppliers provided tubers that sprouted, but "Accent" seemed the strongest from the get go.

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My success rate with Janz dahlias has not been good, including a dahlia that never showed indication of having an eye, a couple sprouted tubers that rotted underground, and several that just didn't thrive to bloom. The fault of her tubers? My methods? Taking tubers from a fully organic environment to one that isn't has an impact? I can't say why. Why is it that two tubers from the same clump in one garden thrive, and another you get puny blooms?

I will be sticking closely to the vendors that sell me tubers with a high rate of success. Personally, I have a high success rate with Accent and Swan Island. I'll try other vendors if I want one specific bloom, and maybe I'll find good tubers there also, as I'm sure there are other vendors tubers that will thrive for me. But those vendors whose tubers don't work well for me seem a waste of garden space. If Janz work well for you, then maybe your method/soil/weather are more similar to hers than mine. She is definitely a dahlia lover and is personable and willing to share what she knows about growing. And I too, enjoy her web site.

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