What's the difference?

CorpsmanCooper(FL8b)December 3, 2011

Can someone tell me the difference between Cotyleon Orbiculata and Kalanchoe luciae? I'd also like to know the difference between an 'ET finger' jade and a 'Gullum'. Educate me please!


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Josh, aka Greenman, has posted a very helpful drawing explaining the differences between the E.T.'s Fingers, Gollum and Hobbit jade. I am hoping he will post it here. E.T.'s Fingers tends to have more pointed tips to the leaves than Gollum's mostly suction cup looking tips.


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Thanks Christoper. I hope he posts it too! The jade that I have looks like suction cups at the end. Kind of like Shrek's ears (if you've seen that movie).


Here's a pic

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That's an etiolated 'Gollum'.

All you have to do is Google pictures of each. Aside from the two plants being in two different genera, but in the same plant family as your jade is (the Crassulaceae), the Kalanchoe and Cotyledon look different and flower differently. Those are the main differences, unless I'm missing the point of your question.

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