Variegated Pink Lemon sulking inside

westgirl(8 WA)November 12, 2012

Hi All,

Last year I had such good success with wintering several citrus trees indoors - as opposed to outdoors in an unheated greenhouse - that I decided to bring more inside this year. I have limes (Bearss & Key), and a Buddha's Hand at my office where they only get natural light from two very large south-facing windows. They are all growing new leaves and the limes are blooming. The other citrus I brought inside are in my house in two mostly unheated rooms - one with east & south exposure (limited) and the other with south and west exposure (pretty good light)and I supplement both rooms with CFLs. No leaves lost, even by my Meyers who were brought in abruptly on a whim. However, my VPL is decidedly unhappy and shedding leaves at an alarming rate. I thought Meyers were the most sensitive to light changes, and hoped I'd dodged a bullet, but now I'm stumped. Do you think it's the light levels? Should I put it back out in the greenhouse? Or could it be temperature-related? My office is warmer (old building with steam heat) do you think I should take it to the office? If it loses all it's leaves, will it recover as a Meyer would? I've never been able to make this tree a super-thriver and I'm not sure which direction to go with it. Suggestions? Thank you !

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The VPL is a relatively weak cultivar, grown mostly as a novelty tree. Lemons in particular... don't know about the rest of citrus... do not like to grow roots into cool soil; maybe the air temp is too high in a South facing window relative to the soil temp. Yes, even the VPL will recover; citrus in general are very resilient; start treating them right and they will come back to life.
Here's a foto of a VPL inground in California.

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westgirl(8 WA)

Thanks John - nice photo! I might try bringing it to the office where the roots would be bit warmer. Unfortunately, since I'm in Seattle, the "sun" from the south is just light that is less gray. Usually this time of year we don't get light strong enough to even leave a shadow. I wish I were in Guatemala!

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