help!!! i'm so lost!!!

blackirisOctober 14, 2006

ok this is a newbie. my first year to plant these and try to save them. my clumps have 20+ tubers coming off them! the frost hit and i ran out and pulled them not knowing different! they are now rinsed an i visited here to see how to divide. have i just ruined these enormous beauties? i have them in the garage and i see little long skinney growth on only a few that remind me of the sprouts when i planted them. however it looks hopeless to get to them.

does anyone have photos of them as the whole clump right out of the ground? i wonder if this is normal because my white one was in a different bed and didnt tuber up like the other bed.

also, when i pulled two called dahliettias they had no tubers??? what is that about? they looked like a mum when they grew, short, round, and very full of blossoms, much smaller then my other ones.

thankyou in advance to anyone who answers this... i have visited the new/old posting with excellant pictures but its been loading for an hour and still not finished lol.


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Lauri, try instead going to

You could have waited until after a hard frost---a frost that would have turned your foliage black....that would have been your cue to dig them up.

What you planted last spring is not what you had in the saw that...the clump evidently got huge.

In one of those websites there is a method by which dahlia clumps are taken apart...i.e. the clump's tubers are removed one by one and cocooned in plastic wrap, then stored in a cool environment.

The other method is to store the whole clump in a cool environment buried in peat moss or dry sand.
The key to their coming back is they must remain cool...temperatures between 35 & 50 fahrenheit.
They must not freeze....and they must not be given moisture or warmth that could initiate growth. Just cool..dark and dry.
This is also a good method of keeping over geraniums.

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