Tree Dahlia

woodhawk(z9CA)October 16, 2013

I am new to Dahlias and was given a tree dahlia this spring. it is now about 20' but no flowers yet. Anyone grow these?
What do you think of them?

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Hi there and welcome,
I tried them in zone 7, they grew tall but no flowers.

I think they are kind of speciality plants for plant geeks. I am not familiar with your zone, could be that they start better next year.

As far as I know you don`t grow those for the showy flowers, rather because they are special.

So, I was given one as well, about 4 years, a gift from my dad... (both kind of plant geeks...)

not sure whether that helps,

bye, Lin

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Thanks Lin, I was told that they don't bloom here until the end of Oct. Our first frost is almost always after Thanksgiving.

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Then there is a good chance!
In my zone it is hopeless without startig it in a greenhoese or something.

But it was still very impressive (4 years ago, I meant).
Welll then, good waiting,
Bye lin

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