Why I love Dahlias

vikingcraftsmanOctober 26, 2008

Dahlias are more expensive, more work and they last longer than other flowers. But if you take care of them you get way more in return. I planted one tuber. And look at what I got.

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Dahlias aren't expensive if you take into consideration that you get blooms all summer long for just a few dollars. You can't get that from a perennial that's about the same in cost or from a pony pack of annuals that costs about the same but you don't get to cut & take in the house all season.
As for work-- just remember to toss them in the garbage pail :)

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You tell them plant lady.

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I love to look out my kitchen window and see all the color. I love having people stop me on the street and tell lme how beautiful my garden is. I love winning out against the rodents. I love that it gives me something to doall winter.
A friend of mine took all the tubers that had fallen off last Spring and had no eyes. We put them in her big garden and about half of them turned into beautiful plants.

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May be I have more if they don't always need eyes.

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I love dahlias. I've just discovered them this year. Mine were 5' tall with long, long strong stems. They did fall over but next year I'll put a ring on them. I'm going to try to collect more for next year.

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Good to hear it.runningtrails we will expect to see pictures next year. If you order any thing interesting over the winter let us know.

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