More Late Bloomers

sturgeonguy(5a ON)October 7, 2008

Well, no surprise that the latest bloomers are also amongst the largest. Over the past week I've had three first blooms...all gorgeous.

Gitts Perfection - AID: 10" diameter flower on a 36" bush.

Gregory Stephen - AASC: 12" diameter flower on a 48" bush.

Sherwood's Peach - AAID: 12" diameter flower on a 42" bush.



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I have two Gitts Perfection bushes. It is funny how they get darker pink depending on the light they get. When the sun was on them they were almost white. The one I grew that got more shade was always darker pink. Good to see yours.

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monica33flowers(z4 WI)

Absolutely Gorgeous! Could you tell me where you found the first Dahlia you have pictured? It would be a wonderful accent next year in my "cottage" style garden.

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Monica33flowers please check out the gallery. I have posted several pictures of Gitt's Perfection. That should seal the deal with you wanting them in your garden next year.

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sturgeonguy(5a ON)


All of my Dahlias this year come from Swan Island Dahlias.

This is the link to Gitts Perfection


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I just purchased Gitts Perfection and Sir Alf Ramsey at Costco. It was little under $9 for 5 of each kind packaged together in a bag.

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