The Last Load of Blooms

plantlady2(NW Washington)November 2, 2006

This was the last batch of blooms I cut on Monday- before the frost hit Tuesday night. I carried them in from the far garden on my bike & I thought they'd make a good picture.

The dahlias aren't the only thing gone to mush today- the Hostas & Impatiens are gone, too. I don't like winter--& it's not even here yet!

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lazyweeder(z4 MN)

If it makes you feel any better...mine have been gone for about 3 weeks. They're dug, packaged, and put away for next season (provided I stored them right this time lol). The hostas and everything else are pretty much flat mush too. The only thing left are a couple gazanias I brought in to let set seed so I have some for next season.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Plantlady, your final fling of flowers is so pretty, as is your garden bed. I have a couple vases of last blooms slowly withering away in the garage- also cut before the big freeze. Hate to see them go.

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Noni Morrison

I was out looking around today among my "spinached" dahlias and what to my wondering eyes should appear but two of them that were hardly frost scorched. Brandon James was blooming away in the middle of the row and down at the far end Karma Naomi had put out another 8 blooms! I am so impressed by these! Oh yes, Little MAtthew had a nice smattering of (now ) rose pink 1"poms. BJ has lost the peachy tones and is all yellow and white and Karma Naomi is a beautiful fuchia purple of quite intense colors! THe other 128 bushes are mush.

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leslie197(z5 MI)

The dahlia blooms didn't shock me, because up to a few days ago I still had blooms on Bishop of Llandaff on my patio but the hostas....I hardly have a flattened yellow piece of hosta leaf foliage left anywhere in my garden - zero, zip, nada. Zone envy....

Lovely flowers and garden, Poochella!

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plantlady2(NW Washington)

Actually, Leslie the flowers & garden are mine- not Poochella's- the inner gardens around the house are about 4 acres including woods & excluding the dahlia gardens. The inner gardens are my job & the husband takes care of the heavy work on the dahlias. Right now he's a little over 1/2 way finished digging & dividing our plants- all 6000+ of them- & just to take a break, today we went down to the neighbour's place & dug hers for her! She's 80something & only has one leg but is a great gardener & we like to help her all we can.

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Plantlady I am a new gardener and your picture is absolutely a "kodak moment" and such an inspiration to me of the little glimpse I can see of your awesome garden. A little glimpse of heaven I would say!!


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plantlady2(NW Washington)

As the winter goes on & the weather's depressing I'll try to get a few more pictures of our garden posted but right now it doesn't feel like anything to do with a glimpse of heaven- Yesterday I was on my 9th day of fall cleanup & carted 35 large wheelbarrow loads of trimmings, fir needles & leaves to the compost pile & I've still got 2 gardens to go-- oh, & all that useless lawn to rake up! & we don't even have many trees that drop leaves on us- just fir & cedar- where did all the leaves come from???
The husband is about 1/2 of the way through digging, dividing & storing the dahlias- 3,000 plants down & something over 3,000 to go!

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