What is happening to my Dahlia tubers?

Sequoiadendron4(6B)November 14, 2013

I pulled these out of the ground this past Sunday and they are all looking shriveled and they are a little squishy. When I pulled them out I washed the soil off and spread them out to dry. They are in the garage that is dark and around 50-55 degrees. I know you're supposed to put them in peat or wood chips but I didn't find that out until yesterday. I will pick up some pet bedding tonight but I was just wondering if they've already started to rot.

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Here's another pic

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Just drying out a bit too much. Looks like those tubers might be a bit immature, where you might want to split the small clumps down the middle of the stalk and store them that way.

As long as they have eyes attached to each tuber and the necks aren't thinner then a pencil width, they should be fine.

Rot tends to be black, eating the insides out... I've also had them turn into white slime, eating outside in. Im sure others have other variations of rot. Lovely stuff, nothing like what you're showing.

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Yeah, you're probably right on the immature. 4 of the 5 are volunteers from the previous season. I've put them with slightly dampened peat in a ziplock bag so hopefully in a few days they'll be back to normal.

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I bet they were dried by placing them on the concrete floor of the garage. Concrete very quickly dries out tuber clumps. They should store fine if you divide them.

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