Late bloomers!

calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)November 18, 2006

Finally the Dahlias are blooming, BUT the don't look anything like the catalog pix. They are the cactus type!

I got out my diagram of where I planted each tuber and I can only say that some garden fairy is having fun with me, cause they just don't look like the pix. Could be 1.Bloomquest Dawn, 2. Devon Blaze, 3. Hillcrest Fiesta, 4. Keewatin Pioneer 5. tahiti sunrise.

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plantlady2(NW Washington)

What was the size? All the ones you listed are BB- 4-6" except for Hillcrest Fiesta which is B- 6-8". It's probably not Devon Blaze as it's listed as red. Most likely -- Bloomquist Dawn although Dawn usually has a lot more yellow in it. All the others are pretty much red with yellow - or yellow with red- Tahiti Sunrise is yellow w/ red tips-- Dawn is dark pink w/ yellow heart. They are all semi-cactus. What form did you think you were getting?

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plantlady2(NW Washington)

Oops!- Keewaten Pioneer & Devon Blaze are cactus- not semi-cactus- longer, skinnier, more rolled petals.

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Ordered 3 SC's, 4 CAC and 1 LC. Got my diagram out again & nothing is matching up. Well...not much I can do about that, so I'm just enjoying the blooms and hopefully next season I'll find a better method for these plants. I used tags and so called permanent ink(water repellent) and haven't been able to find but a couple of tags and they are washed out. So my quest for the rest of the season is a better plant i.d. tag. Suggestions always welcomed. And thanks for trying to help Plantlady, I appreciate it! Pat

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plantlady2(NW Washington)

If you don't have too many plants- like our 6000+! -- the best tags I've found are the copper or aluminium ones that you write on with a pencil - you push hard & the writing is engraved in the metal. The writing doesn't go away at all- but the drawback is you can't reuse them for a different plant next year because the writing is pretty much permanent & they're not cheap- esp. the copper ones.
We tag with surveyer's tape written on w/ sharpie & it works well for us- but we do whole rows at once tagging every plant so can't use the more expensive kinds. I love the look of the copper ones on my lilies though- they're really pretty.
In the show garden we put the tags on the stakes & also at the bottom of the stalk. Lots of work but necessary so we don't mess up on names!
Put some more picts. on & we'll see if we can ID them for you.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Did you order from a dahlia supplier Calpat? There is always the chance of errors made in your order, but not 100% error, I would hope. Colors can be vary somewhat from what's shown in a catalog, from garden to garden. I like your pink one shown above, even if you didn't order it!

I use very inexpensive plastic tags with a twist tie to attach to the stake, then moving it to the stalk when digging up. Sharpies work well, but you do have to keep checking the tag because it will sometimes fade badly in the sun. "Fade Proof" ink pens available at nurseries aren't really much better, in my experience. You can reuse the tags if you keep track of which plant/which year planted, until the tag is full of names. You can also write right on the stalk in either Sharpie or No Blot Ink Pencil further ID'ing your plant. That works best late in the season when some of the lower main stalk has gone from green to a more 'woody' character. Insurance on a positive ID. Here's the tag on a plant that was broken off by a toppling neighbor dahlia. The Sharpie ink was already fading.

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calpat(zone9ab No.Ca.)

Thanks for response Poochella! nice to hear from you again. Yes I did order from reputable supplier. Got out the paper work and I did screw up a bit on the odering dates vs. delivery dates. No biggie! just curious! While everyone else is in the process of digging, tagging for next season, I'm just beginning to enjoy the blooms that I have right now! Will not dig this year, but leave well enough alone. DD was over & spotted by Dahlia Bible, all the info. you and JRoot provided us with last year. "Mom, you gotta read the instructions", really hate it when she's right! Got aluminum tags, plastic bags, etc. good to go!

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Poochella(7 WA)

DDs are soooooo good at giving advice! Especially when it's advice we've tried to pound into their own heads over the years. "Look thoroughly" often comes back to haunt me when I'm searching for something around here.....

Enjoy your flowers. Get some photos if you can.

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