From each tuber cluster, are only the larger tubers viable?

HighlanderNorthNovember 18, 2011

First of all, when I dug up my tubers yesterday, I noticed that the new tubers often looked different than the original tuber looked/looks, in size and shape and length. In some cases, the original tuber was short and fat, but the new ones are long and narrow. Is that to be expected?

Also, when looking at the clusters, there are small, mid sized and larger tubers.... Are only the largest ones going to produce the best plants(in relation to the size of the other tubers of the same cluster), or are the medium and smaller ones good too? Or is it just the large and medium ones that are good, and the small ones should be thrown out eventually?

I know that I will have to determine which ones have eyes on the tips near the stem, but I'm wondering if tuber size is important too?

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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)

I keep them all and see no correlation between tuber size and plant size. You may lose some when you over winter them so I always save more then needed in case I loose a few. Or you can use the extras in trades! I will say, the first 30 or so clumps I divide are precisely done and I keep them all... by the last 30 or so clumps, I am a bit more careless and run out of patience so less tubers saved :)


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I keep most of them too. A lot of people roll them in plastic, I write on the tuber and bury them in layers of cedar chips in a styrofoam cooler. You can store a lot of tubers that way.

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