over whelmed by fertilzers

darobi2459(5)February 10, 2013

Hello everyone, I feel through the help of the many post here I have a grasp on lighting, but now it is a fertilization schedule I am lost at.

With all of the organic big names like fox farm, etc...Where should I start to find accurate unbiased info on this subject? For instance the seedling mix I am using does not have any nutrients in it, what should I start with to feed these little guys? When I transplant the 5 or 6 to a cup to individual cups do I want to continue to use the peat based medium? I have heard add worm castings to it, and bone or blood meal too.

Just a bit overwhelmed and help is very appreciated! Thanks.


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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

Frankly, I would use a synthetic for inside. But thats me, my garden doesnt get any fertilizers(other then horse manure and garden compost) , Ive been using a 6-12-10 for years inside, usually a half the recommended dose once a month, which is usually 2-3 feedings, my same bag ive been using for about 6 years now and am barely half way through and thats for about 5-6 hundred seedlings every year.

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When you grow something in a pot, you must supply all nutrients for the plants needs. Most potting mixes have very little nutrients in them. Many say they will feed the plants for up to 9 months, but I find most will start showing nutritional deficiency at around 90 days. So giving the plants a balanced fertilizer is very important to insure good growth. I prefer to use a water soluble fertilizer such as MiracleGro or Peters. Use at an appropriate strength for season of growth. Using a slow release fertilizer is also good and can be a big labor saver as they try to regulate the amount of fertilizer applied with temperature. I don't use organic fertilizers in pots. Mine are outside and some kind of critter will dig the plants out of the pots looking for the dead fish or such.
As far as fertilizers for outside plantings, have your agricultural extension agent test your soil to see what the soil needs and use that as a guide to procure fertilizers. I prefer organic fertilizers, but they will require more study to select the proper ones for your particular soil. However, they are much more forgiving, should you get one which is not necessarily needed for your soil.
Good luck, Ed

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Thanks for the words of advice :)

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