Fireworks Dahlia Seed

maxyckNovember 17, 2012

In early March of this year I grew 12 Fireworks dahlias from a packet of mixed colors. But all of the plants produced either plain yellow or yellow with the occasional red stripe flowers. I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience. Wondering if anyone could explain this.

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steve22802(7a VA)

The only explanation I can give is that Dahlias are notoriously unpredictable from seed due to a high occurrence of genetic mutation. If you want reliable flower colors grow them from tubers or cuttings.

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My feeling is unless the company's seed catalog or web site states that there's a high probability of plain/non-variegated flowers, you have a right to contact them to voice your disappointment(pleasantly, though) in their stock and your results. Usually you see mentioned that there's a 10% or other chance you'll obtain solid colors from such packets; your results are out the realm of acceptance. I would think that the 'Fireworks' growers would have weeded out plain-colored offspring to better guarantee one's success. Let the company know about your outcome, and they may send you a replacment packet free to test this coming year. Good luck.

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I did contact the company; they said the seed they bought from the supplier must not have been mixed very well. They gave me a refund. I was very pleased with their response. Thanks to both of you for you opinions and advice. Maxcy

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