new to dahlias - questions about growing them in the south

abbie-roadNovember 29, 2006

hello there,

i'm new to dahlias. i order a lot of flowers, bulbs, trees, etc. online, and i'm thinking of ordering some dahlia tubers online from swan island, does anyone have any experience with this company? good? bad? from which companies do you buy tubers / seeds?

my other question is about growing them in a warm, humid summer climate. i saw on another post that they're somewhat sensitive to heat. zone 7b (i think it's "b") greenville, sc gets quite hot and humid in summers. i did my research before asking questions. how / when should i start them? should they be started inside like people from cooler places like WA, IL, NY, NJ, WV, etc. suggest? or since our winters are fairly mild, should they be started in the ground?

i appreciate any help you can provide. i've been so impressed with the friendly and generous responses i've gotten on these forums. thank you in advance.


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plantlady2(NW Washington)

I know several people who like Swan Island- but I'm not one of them- I once ordered 6 dahlias from them- 4 didn't eye up & the other 2 weren't what I ordered. They wouldn't replace anything- but that was about 20 years ago & they may have improved since then- but I haven't ordered from them since.
Look on the Colorado Dahlia site for the list of suppliers - they go from A-W & there's a lot of good ones there- even some in your area so you could ask them about special conditions where you live. There's also a Carolinas dahlia society that has many helpful members.

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efam(z7b GA)

I'm in 7b and the Dahlia Society of GA (located mainly in Atlanta) has been very helpful.
As a newbie last spring, I went to their tuber auction and learned all about the best Dahlias for our humid weather and received information about how to grow and care for them. (7b is a zone that you can keep them in the ground covered with mulch. I'm trying that this year, and if doesn't work, I can always get more.)

So your local Dahlia Society will give you the best information for growing them in your area and, like Plantlady said, the Colorado site has a great list of suppliers.

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Hi Abbie,
Liz has given good advice. The Dahlia Society of GA also has information on their webpage on which dahlias are successful/unsuccessful in the south.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dahlia Society of GA

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