Help with Rio RedGrapefruit tree.. Some weird dots on leaves?

SeanPez(9)November 26, 2011

Hello All!

I wanted to buy the last of my fruit trees today, so i went to Lowe's and purchased a Rio Red grapefruit tree. I came home to notice that the leaves had spots on them. I am afraid that this might be some form of virus or fungus, and if i plant it in the yard, i have 3 other citrus trees that might get sick. Do you guys know what this problem is? Is it contagious?


P.S. I hope you all had a nice thanksgiving!


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Black spots are 'sooty mould' which has developed on the sugary excretions of some insect pest. Probably scale insect - I think there is one visible at the top right of the last photo.
The mould is not itself harmful and can be wiped off. The insects need finding and dealing with.
The third photo shows the trail of a leaf miner, which could be still pupating under the curled over section of leaf.
Lots of info on this site if you search for citrus leaf miner.

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