Crintonic Gardens 2008 catalog

daylilyfan(5/6_OH)February 23, 2008

There is a temporary site up for Curt Hanson's 2008 intros. He's working on getting his regular site updated, and the catalogs are due to be mailed soon. But, I thought I would come out of lurking to share this temporary site with you all.

His intros this year are particularly unique and distinctive!

If you have high speed internet, you can also download a copy of the catalog in PDF form at

Hope you enjoy it!

I'd like to see a discussion here of what people think of these new forms Curt is coming out with. I just love the extreme pinching. And, I don't know what to call the form of the cover daylily. Feathered? It's really an unusual form!

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Thank you very much. There are a couple varieties in which the petals appear like the inner petals of a double.

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I'm a huge Hanson fan, and just downloaded the catalog from the Robin. Wow. I added nine more to my (very long) wish list. The ones that top the list are WE DARE TO BARE, INCA DYNASTY and HEAL YOUR HEART.

I think the pinched throats are appealing, and I grow a few of his earlier intros with that feature. I do have a hard time picturing the daylily on the cover. I guess I'd have to see these in person to really form an opinion. I imagine there will be some naysayers on some of these newer forms, but to each his own.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Shocking is what I would call these new forms! Hanson certainly IS going where no one has gone before...
It is going to take me awhile to wrap my head around his rock carver's vision of a daylily. My first reaction to 'Sigourney' and 'Unpredictable You'
was the same as when a flower doesn't open fully in my garden - I want to get my hands on it and FIX it. I found myself sort of fleeing back to pages
displaying flowers within my comfort zone - 'Ammonites and Nautiloids' and 'Kirlian Photography' are two I could happily study for quite a while.
But I have a nagging feeling that so far I am oblivious to a whole new paradigm & am still thinking inside the bagel...
Thanks for sharing this very provative catalog, marea

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moongardengirl(Zone 3-4 W ND)

I liked, Kinky Reggae, but where does he come up with these names?

Moon Garden Girl, Amy

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I haven't noticed any budcounts listed. Does he usually give that information? I have gotten so used to it listed on new intros that I really notice if its not there.

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That IN TAFFETA PATTERN on page 6 has the look of Ellie's Bumble Bee seedling.

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shive(6b TN)

Sigourney and Unpredictable You do look a little demented. There's a fine line between a breakthrough and deformed. I do love the ones with pinched throats though. My favorites of this collection are Catch The Wave and We Dare To Bare.


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Love the midrib on Lyrical Optimism. The other favorites so far are Paradise Bar And Grill,Film Noir,and Angel Falls.
Kirlian Photography keeps drawing me back for another look,but I must have In Taffeta Patterns.It has been dancing around in my head ever since I took my first look at it.The eye is captivating.

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Since I already have Sigourney (given to me as a seedling), I ordered 4. Oh, how I wish I had enough money and space to get both collections! I got Kona Coast, The Thin Air, and two I have been watching since their maiden bloom in Curt's seedlings fields... Mother Upduff and Paradise Bar and Grill. I think P.Bar&G is much prettier than the photo he used in the catalog. Sort of a Jerry Hyatt with intense magenta eye. I had such a difficult time deciding which ones to get.

I have a seedling out of Rock Lobster that looks somewhat similar to Mother Upduff. I have been crossing it to big spiders, like Bali Watercolor. I think there is a lot of potential in what we can get from crossing these intensely pinched things to spideries.

Sigourney is SO different. It intensely pinches all the time, and has the most unusual throat. Not easily fertile, but does pass it's odd throat on to it's kids.

I have always loved the unusual stuff. Walking Curt's seedling fields is quite an experience. From mini's to 6 feet tall, unreal patterns, and forms. He is really working on this new thing he calls frosting or fractilized edges. Kirlian Photography is the latest intro with this. One of it's parents, Photon Torpedo has given me the MOST unusual things! By far my favorite parent to date.

I've never been a fan of the look that is so popular now - the big edges, the wide petals...things like ruby reds with huge yellow chicken fat... blech! But give me one of Curt's "out there" things and I am a happy camper. I also got Piece of my Heart last year, and can't wait to see it blooming here! I'm waiting for Illusive Phase Shifter to increase enough to get a piece of it.

If you like the frosty, fractal edges, an older one, Masked Emotions, and also Touch of Faust are very nice, and not as expensive as these newer ones.

okbt, you mentioned "Film Noir"... I have grown both parents for years. Through Dark Waters is one of my all time favorite purples. Terrific performer here - even though its in the perennial border and not in the daylily beds, so it doesn't have the best soil or conditions.

I really wanted to order Unpredictable You - but last fall I got his Fad Gadget. They are half sibs and remind me a lot of each other, but Unpredictable You does tend to be a bit more..... unpredictable... in form. LOL. I am not one for having a flower look the same each day. I much prefer one that's going to show me a different face depending on what point in the bloom cycle it is, or the weather conditions. Since I try to keep my cultivars under 100 due to health reasons, having flowers that don't look the same each day makes each morning I go look at them a gift of wonder.

In response to why he does not list bud counts - it's because so much depends on weather, watering and the gardener's soil condition. I know I have many daylilies that one year will have bud count of 10 and the next 35. I use very little fertilizer, and being on a well, only water when I absolutely have to. Curt grows in very highly organic soil, and has a huge pond that he waters out of. His plants almost always have better branching and bud count than when I grow them here. I do find that his plants over all are tough as nails though, considering that I treat them like garden perennials and not pampered babies.

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I do wish I could see a full-view photo of Sigourney. What I'm able to view is an extreme close-up of the throat only.

daylilyfan, I'm glad to hear Photon Torpedo has given you interesting seedlings. PT and Masked Emotions are two of the many Hansons I added last year, so if I can get my booty in gear and start dabbing pollen, I may have some nice things to look forward to.

Paradise Bar & Grill is another new listing that caught my eye. You'll have to be sure to post photos here when you get some bloom.

And yes, I much prefer an acid-etched edge compared to the heavy gold ones out there now.

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It has been ages since I posted a photo here... I don't remember how. I think I had to put them on a website first, then link to them???

I will tell you that the form of Sigourney is very pinched in the throat. You can stick your finger down in it like a tube. If you have his catalog from last year, look at Rainbow Mesa. Sigourney in form looks something like that, a little more narrow petaled, and not quite as ruffled, but more intensely pinched.

Did that help or confuse you? LOL

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That description did help! I looked at Rainbow Mesa and remembered it was one I liked from last year's catalog.

I'm not very good at explaining how to post photos, except to tell you that I have to link them from my Photobucket account.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I never did get any from here this year or last. He was supposed to come speak at one of our daylily club meetings this spring but never made it. I spent my money elsewhere. Maybe next year. I wonder what really off the wall looking flower he will come up with for 2009 intro.

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