DL greening up- is this trouble?

valtorrez(6b)February 26, 2012

While letting my dog out to potty, I walked around my yard trying to assess spring clean up when I saw lots of green folliage comming up. This is way too early. Last year this did not happpen until middle of April. If It gets cold, will this kill my daylillies? I am new this this. I spent spring of 2009/2010 reading these forums and buying dl's. Last year I got to sit back and watch them bloom throughout Spring/Summer (I learned from you experts about trying to buy DL's that bloomed at different times). This year I wanted to sit back, fertilize and assess which onees were poor/good performers to make room for new ones. I think this will throw a wrench in plans.

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Last year was an especially cold winter here. This year we are having a very mild winter. Some people in the area are already seeing scapes. If we don't get a sudden cold snap soon, bloom season will start very early, plants are already blooming size from the warm winter.
If we do get a cold snap, I don't think it will stop the bloom much this late. Might kill off some new growth, but the bulk of bloom will start early. If the cold snap is severe, it will probably reduce the amount of rebloom this summer, as the plants will have to recover before they are able to set the second round of scapes.

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