Too late to dig up in Zone 5?

linnea56(z5 IL)November 28, 2008

I thought I posted this already but I guess not. My dahlias were frosted in Early November and cut down 2 weeks ago. With one thing and another (and another and anotherÂ) I did not get them dug yet. I am in Zone 5 Chicago. Temps have dipped below freezing many times so far, and then back up.

Is it too late? Will they be dead?

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Dig them up & see. If the tubers aren't mush they may be OK- store them so they don't touch each other so if any rot they won't rot all the rest.

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ChiGardener(z5 Chicago)

Unfortunately for me, mine may have rotted because like linnea56 up there, ANOTHER THING x INFINITY (almost) has happened along with my forgetfulness and they're still sitting on my (enclosed) back porch in the pots they grew in. I'm really afraid of what I'm going to find! Even more, I'm afraid of what may have decided to wander in and feast on them!

Is there a chaaaaance, they may be okay? anyone?

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Poochella(7 WA)

I don't recall seeing any very threatening temps in Chicago yet this year, unless I missed them. Being in an enclosed porch, in soil, I would guess there is a very good chance your tubers are fine and waiting for you to dig in.
You'll never know until you look.

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