TLC or axe these pines?

robo (z6a)May 13, 2014

The problem: 5-10 years ago, previous owners regraded and dumped at least two feat of soil on the roots of these pines.

Last year I had an arborist out to look at them and he was 50/50 on saving them. He started to dig wells around them and gave up. I started last night, got about two feet down and hit gravel.

They don't look super healthy but they're still green. Maybe 10% brown needles, throw cones year round. Pines around here are suffering from dook's needle blight, mind you.

Pro: they do screen the road a bit (husband wants to keep for this reason)
Con: I don't want to plan around them if they're going to keel over in five years.

What would you do? Thanks for any advice!!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you again???

get rid of them first.. then plat in the space ...

quite a nightmare removal.. if you do it bass-ackwards ...

i dont know about the ax part ... lol ... unless you are some samurai ax master ... power lines.. sheds... fences.. neighbors ... be safe dude ...


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robo (z6a)

Me again!

Figurative axe. Hiring someone for sure. Last year the guy got rid of two other ones pretty quick - he crawled right up and sawed off about six feet at a time! It was amazing.

(PS So can I tell my husband these guys are gonna keel over in an expensive, neighbor shed destroying way as a reason to get rid of them?)

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The one on the right has been pushing out 12-18" of growth every year for the past 5 years at least. The one on the left, a little less at 8-12" each year for the same period.

Besides the fact that someone did a hack job pruning 10 years ago and they are ugly as hell....they are also very healthy. I would say no TLC is required. Let them grow.

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If they're still healthy more than 5 years after the soil was added, they'll be OK. Damage from buried roots would have shown up in 1-3 years.

So keep them, if you like them.


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robo (z6a)

They are ugly as sin. There were actually two more, one in between these ones and a tiny struggler to the right. Plus they were in a lot of shade. Plus the nightmare pruning. But maybe they'll...I dunno, look windswept in time or something.

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