Noni MorrisonDecember 22, 2006

Are you still without power from the windstorm? I am wondering how your dahlias are doing without electic heat? Hope they have not frozen! Notice I am more worried about your dahlias then you? That is the right priority isn't it?

We had a lot of trees uprooted from their waterlogged soil, as well as madronas shattered through the woods, but the gardens seem fine (except for a "Summer Wine" rose that covered an arbor and my front porch). Arbor needs to go to the copper arbor hospital . Summer WIne is in the great plant hospital and will have a long recovery period.....looks like a victim of inebraited driving winds to me!


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Poochella(7 WA)

Hi Liza, We managed to stay warm and fed if not esthetically pleasing in appearance during the 5+ days without electricity. We lost 3-4 trees well away from the house or driveway, so no big deal. Next year's firewood. From the sounds of it, Mercer Island and Woodinville bore the brunt. (Christine R- are you back online yet?) I hear Vashon got hit pretty hard too and I'm glad you are relatively unscathed.

The tuber room was under careful scrutiny the first two nights without power: temps down to 26 here but the room remained at freezing or above. Believe me, I was ready to pack them all into our chilly basement, if needed; but they are fine. Not so my jam-packed chest freezer and second fridge full of food! What a hateful job to unload all the rotten stuff. I refuse to get a generator, preferring to rough it for the very few times we lose power for an extended period. (Ask me this again after I pack up the rotten fish, meat, poultry in the garage...) We refroze it to hopefully make it a more palatable task :(

Glad you're okay- just a little reminder from Mother Nature that we aren't as in control as we'd like to think.

Enjoy your holiday and the glistening lights, if you still have them!

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