Whats happening to my Dahlia plants??

ElliotSwanDecember 9, 2013

The leaves of my dahlia plants are suddenly shriveling and curling up. I checked for bugs but couldn't find any. The plants were healthy to start with but after a few weeks the leaves started to shrivel up. Don't know what's the cause. I am attaching a pic for all to see. Please help.

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Elliot, just saw your post, and I see it was from a while back. So, what happened? Did you figure it out?

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Looks like Thrips damage to me. They bite the plant in the summer than leave a virus which only appears many months later in some cases esp. bulbs and tubers. Try cutting back all the foliage and keep the tubers cold for several months if you don't already live in a cold winter area. As soon as new leaves appear in spring spray with Neem to stop the critturs coming back. Good luck - ian.

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mike_jw(London. UK)

We get this type of occurence (possibly the same pest), every year with various perennials and shrubs, such as Philadelphus, Phlox and Rudbeckia.

We never see what causes it, but at a certain stage of growth (or time of the year), the leaves get twisted and distorted. After some time, new growth appears, which is unaffected, but we never get around to actually spraying the plants.

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