Need help from Kumquat experts.

kodo2988December 21, 2012

Hello Everyone. I recently purchased a Fukushu Kumquat from Home Depot that was on its last leg and in fact it was the only one alive out of a whole crate (the people forgot about them in the back of the garden center apparently >_However it looks different from my other Fukushu Kumquat since the healthy one that I have doesnt have those little mini looking thorns but it could be just new growth I cant tell. I just cant tell if the Citrange C root stock that it says its grafted onto took over. I took some pictures. Does anyone know if this is still a Fukushu Kumquat? Since one sides leaves look larger than others and on my current one. I just dont know. Take a look anyone thanks. I'll try to upload more than one pic if this lets me (first time).

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2nd pic

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3rd pic

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and lastly here is the 4th picture

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Just saw your post, trim away the dead branches and don't worry about the thorns. Nearly all young citrus, even "thornless" varieties, have thorns in their youth. This a citrus tree's natural protection from predators, who would like to eat the tender young leaves and branches. As your kumquat matures, the thorns should diminish. Good for you to save this little tree.

Patty S.

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I'm curious as to how to keep the branches from dying. Any nutrients that need to be added?

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Thanks Patty for the info!

Wildforager, it just needs to be watered on a regular basis. The people at Home Depot near me forgot to water them for who knows how long. It should pop back after getting some good ole water. It was bone dry when I got it

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Which lowes did you go to? The only kumquats that I see sold here in Phoenix are the negami variety. How is the taste of your variety. I'm looking for Meiwa variety which are not available here.

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Now that I think about it, it was actually Home Depot (I updated the post just to clarify). Doh!!
It was the one near the Cardinals stadium. gosh me and my bad memory. However I did pick up a few normal sized Fukushu Kumquats that were fruiting back when they had the bigger ones instead of the "patio citrus" types. So far only one has ripened at it was pretty sweet. There are a few more that have yet to ripen on my healthy ones. Though I am most likely going to take this one back for a refund and get a dwarfed mandarin which I remember seeing they had in stock and a lot more healthier/more leaves.

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