First Time Meyer grower needs help

Rebecca4ster(Z5)December 5, 2012

Hi I have an indoor Meyer tree about 3-4 years old. It is facing south potted in regular garden soil, which I have seen in earlier postings is a no no. to compensate I have been feeding regularly with 30-10-10 miracid. 1/2 gal per scoop of miracid. I have tons of blooms right now that are very delicate and fall off easily along with some of the leaves. the lemons it has kept on aren't growing very well, I think. Shouldnt the fruit be close to ripening by now? I have pea sized or smaller fruits and im not sure how else to help the tree produce more. any suggestions would really help. thanks. i have had the tree since march of this year and haven't gotten any fruit yet from this tree. the summer bloom season I cant blame the tree for, because my husband forgot to poke the drainage holes in the new pot. So the tree had a recovery period after turning yellow and losing a lot of leaves. Im afraid to repot it since moving it causes leaves and blooms to fall. thanks again.

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Me pea sized lemons

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Let me think on that one....

I hope you get some much needed help in the process...:-)


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Firs off, welcome Rebecca!

I must say that the mix is probably the culprit behind the demise of your tree.

Just the word 'SOIL' in a pot makes me cringe when it comes to the health of citrus and their vitality.

Your mix should be very 'porous' and open to allow even the roots to breathe and better repair themselves. Gas exchange every time you water we call it.

I think your tree is still very stressed, trying to hang on, and therefore the flowers, but not enough endurance or energy to hold on to its offspring/fruit.

I would do a 911 repot as soon as you understand how mixes work in containers and come up with a good mix that will please both you and your tree.

Let me link you to what I have learned before I go any further.
I feel that first, you must understand the concepts or container mixes and how your plants will react to them and then fertilizer.
Before you invest any more money into any others or replacements if that one should go, do this, and then you will be buying all kinds of citrus trees from so much success.

If you need anymore help, we are here and again welcome:-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Container Soils-Water Movement and Retention

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Well while mike is thinking, LOL Ill say this.

First thing I would do is let the bloom cycle finish and then remove all the Fruit that sets. It should have another bloom cycle in spring. If its in good shape by then you could leave some fruit. You need to let this tree focus on recovering and being in zone 5 I assume it will be inside quite a bit making that a bit more difficult. Does it get good light?

personally I would hold off on a re-pot until spring and be very careful with watering until then. There is a better than average chance that It could lose 50% or more of its leaves until then, I hope not but dont be too worried. Meyers can take licking and keep on ticking.

You can use bagged soils if you want. If you add a good amount of perlite, bark mulch they can be OK. Not ideal, but some people dont have the time, money, or availability to make something better.


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Your tree looks okay; it does look like it needs a good wash...put it in the shower, or outside with a hose.
Next, change your fertilizer to a 3-1-2 ratio NPK.

As suggested, wait until the blooms are finished and the BB size fruit are set; then remove the fruits. If you remove the blossoms, a stressed Meyer will just make more blossoms.

Last, get a good foliar fertilizer for citrus and apply it every 15 days until your tree recovers. In the Spring, after the bloom, that tree could probably support 5 or 10 fruits, if you space them out.

As for the container soil or "soil"; you have to take the advice of others; all my Meyers are inground, except for the nurseries.

Have faith and patience.


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