No eyes on tubers

bob_13(z7 GA)December 7, 2007

I dug up my dahlia tubers about a month ago, and there were no eyes visible in the clumps. So I left them in clumps, hoping eyes would develop so I could divide them.

Now, a month later, there are still no eyes visible, but the clumps look viable. Each one has about a dozen tubers.

If no eyes show up by Spring, what do I do? Can I still divide them?


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We are all waiting to see are babies open their eyes. But if worst comes to worst we can buy new ones from the people on this list.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Bob 13, I would recommend you go to the Dahlia Society of GA and read their November/December newsletters about storage options in your area. Contact them at that website for more particulars about dahlia care in your area. I bet you'll find some helpful answers.

Two things for now: don't let your clumps dry out, and don't let them freeze. The eyes are fairly obvious after digging for only a couple days, then they recede as the tuber skin dries. You should see plenty of sprouting eyes in spring to guide your way to successful dividing then.

Best of luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dahlia Society of Georgia

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