dahlia growing again after frost

playinthedirt13December 4, 2006

I have a dahlia that I planted next to the garage that was killed when the frost came through like a month and a half ago, but even when it was killed, it looked kinda alive for a week afterward so I didn't dig it up. I have been coming and going and forgot about the dahlia, until I went outside the other day and noticed it was growing again. The strangest part is it was 36 degrees out at the heat of the day. Is this some kind of mutant dahlia? It bloomed late, but I also planted it late and when the frost killed it originally, it was over 5 ft tall with 40+ buds on it, I had it tied to a 7 ft piece of wood for a stake! I don't know a whole lot about gardening and I just gave it a little bit of fertilizer when I planted it (because I planted it sooo late) but it was just some fertilizer we have sitting around, nothing special. I dunno, maybe it's all normal, I just thought they weren't supposed to get that big (almost taller than me and I'm 5'10) What do I do about the dahlia? Do I dig it up or wait and see if the frosts kill it again(so far they are unsucessful)? Please, help!

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Poochella(7 WA)

Next to the garage, it might be benefitting from radiated heat and could very well survive your winter. Don't know your locatation except zone 7. You could cut off the growth and protect the remaining stalk, if hollow, from moisture that might enter. Mulch over the area about 18 inches diameter x 6 inches deep with straw, compost, leaves, ferns- whatever you have to protect the tubers from excess cold and moisture.

If you do get deep prolonged freezing spells, you'd be better off digging up the clump (see any number of posts on digging and storing tubers) or read all about it at the link below.

Dahlias range from little shorties a 12-18 inches tall, to giants well over 6 ft. Many of mine here reach 5 ft even though the label says 4 ft tall. A couple topped 8 ft- (the overachievers.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Digging Dahlias

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Thank you. I guess I just wasn't very used to a plant doing so well in the clay we have around here, especially a plant doing well in our yard. The other Dahlia I planted that survived only grew about 2 ft tall, guess I should move it over next to the garage!

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