Best rebloomer for part sun

kimka(Zone 6B)February 29, 2012

What has been your best rebloomer in a part sun to part shade setting, especially in zone 6-7?

I'm just getting into day lilies (past ditch and stella doro/happy returns) and there are so many varieties it is hard to choose where to start. So I figure I'll start with the emptiest bed and work outwards and select varieties based on what would go best these (with your recommendations?

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To the sun. Daylilies much prefer sun to even partial shade.

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I have learned this the hard way. Try to avoid putting plants in part shade if you can. You just wont get the performance. Rebloom? In part shade, you'll be lucky to get marginal bloom. They just like the sun better - some will bloom a bit, but never the same as they'd do in better conditions.

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shive(6b TN)

I agree. Don't expect rebloom in part shade.


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Kimka, when I was planting my first daylilies, I didn't realize DLs needed so much sun, so a few of mine went into semi-shady and even shady areas. One that is in shade all day in summer is Secret Splendor. I also have it in sun. I didn't keep count, but they both did pretty well. Another one is All American Magic. It gets a bit more sun but only a few hours. Becky Lynn is another one.

Granted, I'm in Zone 9, and I guess the bright Florida sun may illuminate the shade a bit brighter than northern sun, but that has been my experience. I was very happy with these daylilies.


Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

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Do lilies do well on the East side of a house?

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Sherryocala, thank you so much for your post on daylilies that have done well in partial shade for you. I understand what the other posters are saying about lilies doing best in full sun, but some of us just aren't blessed with yards that have ideal conditions for these lovely plants.

I think of gardening as a fluid hobby. I'm willing to give plants a try and if they thrive, great! If not, then I'll move on to something else in that area that might do better.

I have an area in my backyard that gets light shade in the later afternoon, but I'm going to give daylilies a try there and see how it goes. They're just too beautiful for me not to give them a try. :-)

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Most of my daylilies get part shade and many are good rebloomers.
Doyle Pierce, Moonlight Sail, James Joyce, Orchid Electra, Shores of Time, Pink Praise, Bella Sera and Nancy Billingslea are a few I can think of right now that rebloom reliably for me, but I know I have others.

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I am one of those not "blessed" with a full sun yard/garden. I live ine the woods in zone 4 and I love my DL's. Some do very well and some not quite as proliferous, but still lovely.

Of those I have that are in part shade, the ones that do best are:

Chicago Apache
Magic Carpet Ride
Fairytale Pink
Mary's Gold
Hall's Pink

I have many more and the others do allright, but the above varieties seem to not really mind at all being shaded for part of the day.

Good luck finding some that work well for you.


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