Yucca endlichiana question

TT, zone 5b MADecember 9, 2012


This is my second winter with this plant. This winter, I have been keeping it in a south facing window, watering approximately once every 1-2 weeks. It is typically pretty dry when I water it...maybe too dry, I am starting to wonder.

About 6 or eight older leaves have shriveled up which, to some degree I expect to be normal. I am starting to wonder now if the leaf loss is a bit excessive. It did not do it as much last winter when I kept it in my sunroom under lights (I may move it back there...) where it also experienced much cooler night temps.

Here is a pic of the overall plant:

and a close up of another leaf tip starting to go:

Any advice or thoughts?

Thank you!


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As you said, that is an older leaf, and it goes to prove that if you give the Agave Family plants room and conditions to grow, grow they will. I'd say it's just shedding, but maybe someone else who's growing it can chime in. My two Yuccas are getting snowed on now. That's a very likeable plant.

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TT, zone 5b MA

Thanks, Jeff. That is what I am hoping, and I would like it to stop shedding NOW! ;-).

Getting snowed on? What kinds do you have out there? We still have been relatively warm here...30s at night, 40s by day...maybe 50s tomorrow. No measurable snowfall yet.

My Yucca filamentosa are spending their second winter in the ground...but my rostrata (potted) is in the garage.


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Wish I could help...as I've been growing this species in-ground for years. But, mine went through an excessive amount of lower leaf die-off last summer as well. The remaining leaves look quite healthy, but it sure doesn't look right.
If you figure out what gives, I'd love to know!

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TT, zone 5b MA

Min -

Do you find this to be a thirstier Yucca than most? I would expect it to do pretty well where you are growing it...where is yours sited?



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Hi Tom,
Hard to say...I've had mine for about 3 years, and it has grown little in that time, so since I find Yuccas grow faster when watered more, maybe I'm just not watering it enough and it does indeed want more water than I'm giving it?
I know they do well in the valley elsewhere - the DBG has a whole bed of them growing.
Mine is just in the ground in my garden - it gets 2-3 hrs of direct sunlight, but filtered sun after that.


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