Citrus trees in pots in Z5

ryseryse_2004December 24, 2013

I am in NW IL., Z5 and want to try having a citrus tree. I am thinking Meyer lemon but would like also to try a lime and maybe even an orange.

I would keep it outdoors in spring/summer/fall and then indoors in the basement in front of south facing sliding glass doors where it would be cool.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

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Hello, that is exactly what I do for my lemon trees. They can't stay outdoors when the nights start hitting 40ð. Make sure to fertilize in spring and again a little before fall. Hope this helps, Eric

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Thanks - I ordered a lemon and a lime in 3" pots. I guess I'll have to wait awhile for fruit!

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Congrats! My very first citrus was a twig that had a 3 leaves on it... which dropped all 3, when I plotted it. but it came back and then it took 5 years to find out it was a calamondin!
Any who.
The best advice i can give:
When moving pots from inside to outside or vice versa, you NEED to acclimate the trees. move then into shaded areas before moving them in, and move them into shaded areas before moving them into full sun (yes, the tree will get sunburned) A window that gets full sun all day isn't the same as spot in your yard that gets full sun.
Watering may vary for you, than from everyone else.(Most everyone will tell you not to water that much in the winter) For me, my house has very low humidity (25%) and the soil drys out fast. I can water my trees once every 2 days sometimes.
Soil.... well, you want something that can dry out easily. Most citrus roots don't like being wet all the time. But again you have to know your tree. Is it grafted or stock root? (Just a side note, where I live got 18 days straight rain last summer, and I didn't suffer any root rot. But you have to know your tree and soil.)
Just another side note: Most citrus trees are survivors. When a tree is healthy, it will be next to impossible to kill.

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Steve, Micro (6B ground, 5B roof)

If you get the lime it will be outside in summer, then indoor for fall, winter and spring. The lime will acclimate much faster and easier than the Meyer.

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I have a meyer and eureka in z5. I fight with aphids every winter so I suggest soap spray when they come inside. I also bought an electronic water gauge so I don't over/under water as each tree is different.

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