How long can I leave ripe fruit on the tree?

buckeyejoe(8 Coastal Carolina)December 6, 2006

I bought a little lemon tree last spring and it now has 7 large yellow lemons. They are fun to look at, but I don't want to have them rot or dry out. It would be nice to at least have them around till Christmas. They are just now loosing any trace of green.

When should I expect to see new blooms. It was blooming when I bought it last May. Is that normal? I know they are blooming in Florida soon.

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buckeyejoe(8 Coastal Carolina)

Well sisnce I posted this a week or so ago, the plant is staring to set new blooms. How much sunlight will it need during it's indoor time the next few months? I have it outside this mild week, but probably will need to bring it in for good soon for a couple of months.

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lemon trees are often flowering and fruiting all the time,
my meyer is like that.They go yellow and then a little bit
orange yellow and the skins are very shiny.I usually try to get the winter lemons off when the spring flush comes.The lemons can be picked any time from being yellow all over but
are nicer when fully mature.cheers

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