deterring deer by placing wire fencing on the ground

dak56(9)February 14, 2012

Has anyone had success using this method? It's an interesting idea, just lay three-foot-high, 12 gauge, non-climb fencing that has 2" x 4" holes on the ground surrounding the plants you want to protect, once an animal puts a foot on the wire, it backs up.

It sounds too simple.

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This method has been used with cloven hoof animals for hundred years.
Your problem is if some smart deer try jumping over & out of the uneven footing.

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I tried this idea to keep dogs, deer, rabbits & foxes away from plants & shrubs, but the dogs, foxes & rabbits were dancing right thru in just a couple days, so I took it out. It may have worked for the deer, but once the snow came the wires would have been covered anyways.
However, I've had success w/ a similar idea using wood lattice laid flat to deter squirrels from burying walnuts at the base of delicate or juglone sensitive plants. A couple of my dogs can smell recently buried items & become obsessed with digging them up, leaving a much bigger hole than the squirrel originally made. I'm not even covering the whole ground area - just scattering scrap pieces - and so far it seems to work.

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works great for me for the deer. They will not walk on it! I use any old fencing I can find, lay it down early in the Spring and they donot walk on it. Seems to be the only way to keep deer at bay escept for an electric fence. It doesn't bother other small critters. Rabbits don't like red pepper. Hope this helps some.

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