ugly grey narrow wall

greyandamyFebruary 17, 2012

Hi everyone,

I have one of those older brick houses in which on the south side they have the bottom 2 (or more?) feet of UGLY grey..concrete? NOt sure, not going out to look. Some of you are familar with these types of houses.

There's a narrow strip in front of the "ugly grey" wall (before it become bare brick) of about 7 feet wide, which includes measuring from the wall. (I know to plant out from walls for air circulation, whatever).

After this dirt strip of approx. 7 ft (max) out from house and 12 feet (approx)going along the house, there's about 2-3 feet of grass.

Then,even though it's the South side, my neighbors have a decidous hedge that they keep at maybe 5 feet so that does cast shade, it's still sunny and dry there but there's some shade too.

The soil is great, over 6 years as I've tried to figure out WHAT to grow there, I've ammended and added compost like nuts. But WHAT can I grow there???? Currently there's blue hollies but I figure they'll need moved again as they'll want to get a lot wider than that.

Obviously, it's DRY, as the rain doesn't hit the whole way to the wall (rain shadow) but I can irrigate, though I hope something would be somewhat/very drought tolerant once established.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I've thought ornamental grass but ...

Thanks for any input!!! (Oh tomatoes grew well there, with daily watering...only thing is I personally hate tomatoes).


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Blue hollies grow slowly and don't mind being pruned. You can keep them at less than five feet wide, if you like them. I think they are a lovely plant.

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