Home-made Deer Brew

brenda_near_eno(Z7a)February 26, 2005


I am almost to the point of spraying anti-deer chemicals. Does anyone know any good home-brew recipes, perhaps made with peppers?

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

i use cayenne pepper straight out of the bottle. i buy the large generic container. unfortunately, i do have to reapply after every rainfall... i use it mostly to keep seedlings, young and tender plants from being devoured before they get a chance.

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I recently tried the following:
1 egg
1 teaspoon tabasco sauce
1.5 quarts (6 cups) water

Put in a jug, shake it up, then mist it over plants.
I've seen some fresh deer tracks in the yard since, but no obvious damage. I suppose it's too early to tell for sure if it's working, but I'd like to hope it is. And yes, I will have to reapply after every rainfall.

Before you buy some of the commercial deer repellants, look at the ingredients. Some list rotten eggs (under a fancier name) as the main ingredient ... might as well try the homebrewed version first, I figure.

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JuneL(z8 Puget Sound)

I have heard that the ingredient in commercial preps that promise to last for 3 months (yeah, right) is Elmer's glue. I just planted out 30 baby firs, 15 yellow alaska cedar and a few shore pine, red flowering currant and indian plum. So I'm going to make up a home brew that's peppery hot and stinky. We'll see how Bambi doesn't like it.

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virginia_w(z3 WI)

My husband makes a home brew of crushed garlic, tabasco sauce, rotten eggs (yes, he lets the eggs get rotten first), and water. I wouldn't want to work with it, but I'm grateful all summer he does it. It really does work. We live within a mile of a national forest in northern Wisconsin and deer visit all of our neighbors, but for the last three summers, they've avoided our garden.

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Brenda, VirginiaÂs brew sounds good enough to try (if not drink). I too have concocted something that works and does not readily wash off or deteriorate in sunlight. For 2 gallons of spray:

6 qt. water
2 1/2 cups Wilt-Proof (10:1 ratio with the water)
3-4 tbsp. HOT HOT hot sauce (why mess around?)
Spray all sides of foliage and buds. Do not spray on Sedum or other succulents. (Won't kill them but discolors them.)
And yes, I will add crushed garlic and rotten eggs this year)

To prevent clogging of the sprayer, I usually strain the mixture. Note that the hot sauces are oily, so I wash and scrub out my sprayer with hot water and Dawn. I spray every three to four weeks. It works.

But I have found a gadget that works very well, too. You might have seen them in catalogs pictured with decals (which I think are gaudy and don't use) to make them look like parrots. They hook up to a water source (which has to be open at all times) and are triggered by a motion sensor. I love watching the deer scramble when one of those goes off. Variable sensitivity settings (from Moose to raindrop); runs on a 9v battery all season. Dismantle before freezing weather; reassemble (easy) following year at new growth time. Unobtrusive and effective. Easy to turn off when working or walking in the garden.

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Does't cayenne pepper straight from the bottle have too much salt in it? Isn't salt bad for most plants?
Is the concentration low enough not to harm the plants?

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kitova(z6 NJ)

a rutgers university deer study (local university in our area) indicated that the commercial sprays that were the most effective deterrants contained a substantial portion of capsicum and eggs.

so i have a tub of chili powder and i use fresh eggs and mix it with water. but yes, unless you want to be going out there every time after it rains to spray everything again, i suggest adding some wilt-pruf ($6-7 for a regular spray bottle) to the mix to make it stick. i like that elmers glue suggestion though! maybe i'll try that this year.

the deer will generally nibble for a taste, decide they don't like it and move on, so you should be at least prepared for some small damage the first time they come into your yard in spring.

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