Is this root rot, Please help

natural_beauty(7a)December 22, 2013

I noticed a month back that my leaves started to drop, I thought it was due to the transition from outdoors to indoors. Leaves continued to drop, moved plants to the lower cooler level and all leaves are now gone on both plants, I also used avacado, citrus fertilizer early November or late October not sure just in case it was deficient in nutrients. Well today I just lifted my plant right out of its soil with such ease. The roots look yellow but do not smell like anything except soil.. I wonder if my plant is dead. I did a 20/80 mix to rinse the roots. Please help.

PS. I have more pictures just do not know how to attach more than one.

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More Pictures..

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Another Pic

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Boozemonkey(Massachusetts 6B)

From my point of view they don't look rotted. Usually there is a mush or rotted vegetation in the ground. Your roots look like mine did. I am also going through a huge leaf drop on most of my plants right now. I hope someone has an answer for you. I also hope while your roots were exposed you kept them misted or wrapped in wet/moist paper towels!

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No not at all...Please don't tell me you left those roots exposed to the air longer than a few minutes...

Just because citrus trees loose their leaves, does not mean it's dying....Nor that there is anything wrong with the roots......It could be many reasons causing this..

As long as the branches are alive, which they are, it will not die if you correct any cultural practices or the environment it does not like.


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Thank you so much. No I did not leave them exposed, I did have them covered and moist. I had my husband go purchase new soil.. I did have a annoying gnat problem and water soap mix is not helping. I will try to find some neem oil. Thank you, Thank you so much!!!

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

By far and away, the very best product to get rid of fungus gnats is Gnatrol. You can purchase this on Organic and very, very effective. Just be sure to treat all your indoor plants, as they can be living in other indoor plant soils, and will return to your citrus if you don't treat everything. I would say the loss of leaves is probably more due to not enough light. I would provide additional artificial light for your trees. And, I would switch to DynaGro Foliage Pro for your fertilizer. Using in-ground granular fertilizers in container citrus can cause salts build up, and cause burning.

Patty S.

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