seed-bombing English ivy?

TLSal(7a)February 22, 2013

Hi all, I'm an avid home gardener but brand new to gardenweb. I want to seed-bomb an empty yard which is adjacent to mine. In summer it is full of English ivy, poison ivy, and misc. weed trees. I want to plant something beneficial, to beautify the area as well as to try to prevent some of the weed jungle from getting too crazy. The only problem is, there is no soil visible because of the intense mat of ivy. Do you have any suggestions? It is a partially sunny hill with clay soil. Thanks!

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If I understand you correctly, you do not own this property, but have to live beside/look at it. You could try to scatter miscellaneous seeds, but the weeds that have been there have dropped years of seeds of their own, & will continue.I doubt you'll have much luck, but hey, you never know.If this area bothers you, you may want to screen it of with your own plantings, tall enough to block that view.Short of bombing it with weed killer & starting fresh, I doubt there is much else you can do.What you have mentioned that is there is horrible crap.Be diligent about keeping it "overthere".as it will eventually try to come visit.Hope this helps.

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I guess this place is pretty abandoned. Do you know what I'd do? I'd go in there one evening when there's no-one around and dig it all up and then glyphosate it for good luck. When it's all dead you can plant what you like......;-) Anyone who sees you will think you just bought the place. If you think that's too radical just go in there and plant some nice flowering shrubs that will quickly shade out the crap. Sods law the guy will then come back heheh. Good luck. Ian.

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Unfortunately, English ivy, poison ivy and weed trees will eat anything you try to plant. Will cover any shrubs or trees you plant. And glyphosate and digging up will take lots of repeated times, and lots of work, and you still may lose....
How badly do you want that open view? Since you have limited control over the property there, the best answer may be a fence, with a deep-dug barrier behind it. Like a foot down with sheet metal or treated wood, to block roots. And then a solid-ish fence. Once a year you may have to head to the far side and rip the ivies off that side of the fence. But any other minor incursions, you should be able to beat back from your side.
Depending on where you are, you may be able to complain to the city/town/county, and have them help with the nuisance next door, either clearing it or helping to pressure the land owner. It's worth exploring....

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