Haworthia color change in cold

lzrddr(91360)December 19, 2013

I now live in a part of Los Angeles county where it gets really cold... left some of my Haworthias outdoors since they seem to have far more cold tolerance than they are normally given credit for... temps got down to 23F approx (but that does not count the concurrent 50+mph winds)... anyway, all the Haworthias survived... so far.. this one changed from a deep, forest green to this color of red... not sure if it's a goner yet, but sure looks nice like this. The Haworthia coarctata in the foreground was pretty much untouched (dead leaf ends from last winter's trauam).

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Hope it doesn't die. I love the red color.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

When it gets down to 23 here in texas everything dies. You must have the magic touch. It must be the dryness. It has been really wet here. I didn't know that those haworthias had that kind of cold tolerance.

I am glad that you are finding some of your plants that can make it up on your hill. I guess you will also get to see how fast plants recover from burned tips. I had an aloe ferox that was next to a cement pillar and it seems to have done alright with 20 F.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Did your temperature drop slowly or did it hit like a ton of bricks? Did your plants have time to harden off?

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It dropped down to 22F-23F after several days in the low 30s and nights in the high 20s... so had about 3-4 days before temps got so low. Now already back up in the 60s in day and low 30s at night again. I think that was one of our few really cold periods we supposedly get each year (not sure as this is my first year here, and first winter right now). Rabbits eat most Haworthias, but these were too high to reach.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

That is interesting . we get the ton of bricks and this year, moisture. I am going to post a thread on this.

I am always amazed at the amount of damage that gardeners in the desert complain about rabbits, and ground squirrels. I guess there is not much to eat out there and then you put out these luscious succulent succulents for lunch. Here the rabbits are distracted by all the other delicious native forms. I see them, my cat brought in another dead one. He loves rabbit. But I see very little damage from them.

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Could be you have plenty of rabbit predators there. They eat my plants down to the ground, dig holes in my flower beds and raised beds, to nest and annoy me to no end.

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not sure how familiar your are with Dasylirions... pretty tough plants... some have nasty nasty spines... not the sort of thing you would expect rabbits to eat... but...

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Here is another one... spiny thing... pretty desperate rabbits is all I can say. Haworthias are a luscious desert in comparison.

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Great color! Did they make it through the winter?

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