Can an overbred seedling rebound?

jeanneFebruary 21, 2014

I grew a Pink Stripes x Spirit of Sapelo seedling a few years ago that was phenomenal, 9 1/4 inch flowers, 30 inch scape, 37 buds on one cape and 22 on another. I made about 30 crosses on that plant its maiden bloom not understanding that I was sapping the energy out of the plant. The next year I couldn't even find it at first, I dug around in the general vicinity and found a grasslike leaf completely overwhelmed by its siblings, I transplanted it to another nursery bed. A few years later the plant now throws up one 20 inch scape with 10 buds. I know this bed is not as nice as the original one but other daylilies in this bed are doing just fine. I have another bed that is my nicest soil but I have boldly colored lilies in that area and don't know if that light pink would fit in. It would be worth it if I could get the plant to rebound. Is there a chance this plant could regain it's original splendor or should I chalk it up to experience and an expensive lesson learned?


(edited to add picture and to fix stats, I was a bit off!)

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Julia NY(6)

Unless a seedling has shown consistent flower size, height and budcount over a 3 to 4 year timeframe, I wouldn't think you over zapped your seedling. It takes several years to see what a seedling will consistently be in both color, bloom size, height and budcount. Then add in the weather conditions which typically vary from year to year.
Just my opinion but I've seen it here with my own seedlings and I'm sure others can chime in with their experiences.
BTW, nice bloom pic.


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Thanks for the encouraging words, Julia. Consistency is one thing this plant hasn't had yet - 48 blooms the first year, none the 2nd, one the 3rd (I broke the scape after the first one bloomed) and 10 last year. I'll move it as soon as possible, I'm sure it will be much happier creekside than in the clay bed it's in now.


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virgo45(Toronto,Canada 6a)

Hi Jeanne: I had a similar experience with Siloam Double Classis. It produce five scapes with around 20 buds per scape. I made 25 crosses and produced several seeds. The following year the plant was less that half the size and did not flower. The third and forth year SDC did produce some buds but no where near the 20 bud count. The plant was back to normal in the fifth year. I am certain that if you are patient and do not breed it, that it will return to it's former glory. Best of luck.

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shive(6b TN)

It's a beautiful seedling! I hope it bounces back for you!


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Thanks, Debra, I hope it does too! I'm confident that moving my seedling will make it happier, it's very reassuring to see others think it can make a full recovery.

Virgo45, I have SDC, I crossed it with Double Old Ivory as my first attempt at hybridizing. I got one seedling to grow (I winter sowed my seeds, yikes!) It has that tiny sliver of gold edge and the whole flower looks like it has gold glitter which you can't see in the pic, I was hooked from the first bloom.


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