Spraying for deer

charlesinsc(8a)March 3, 2007

I have had pretty good success with "Deer Off" as long as I spray every 3 weeks at least. And after a rain. My problem is the sprayers I've tried keep clogging. Can anyone recommend a sprayer they have used which resists clogging?

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I just spray bullets with a pump action shotgun (wishful thinking).

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Yeah mersiepoo, I thought about that but I figured most of my neighbors would be jumping into their bomb shelters. Honestly, there may have to be an environmental change, such as releasing bobcats or something. (i hear bobcats in the lower part of SC have started to make some difference.) Here we have managed to reduce the habitat by about 70% and the deer population has increased about 50%. Go figure.

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I know, I feel the same way (except I don't mind scaring our neighbors, ha ha). The biggest predators that have been coming around are coyotes. Bobcats are rare here, but some people claimed they saw them. I'd love if they'd reduce the size of the deer population (and feral cat population too since they kill songbirds and don't even make a dent in the rodent population around here). I had to get guinea fowl because of the threat of lyme disease around here. Luckily they work really good.

(see my rant on deer brain wasting disease, hee hee)

I think you can make a silencer with duct tape and a tennis ball. May work with a shotgun too... :)

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