Planting among and under old hemlocks

sandrapippaMarch 28, 2007

I have a line of about eleven very tall, mature hemlocks along my driveway in New York. There is a ten foot "hole" where one is missing right in the middle which I would like to plug, preferably with something other than hemlock, a friendly, fast-growiing buddy to them. Also, is it possible to plant under them? They are well established and cared for, about three feet apart but their branches are high now, beginning about 6 feet from the ground. I need to screen under them, have only about 3 feet in front but decent sun.Thanks

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Hi Sandra-

Boy, I thought I had written your posting for a moment. Last year I lost a few hemlocks--resulting in a huge gap and I want but am reluctant to fill with new hemlocks due to that aglid/pest (sp?).

When in doubt plant norway spruces. Disease resistant--can be pruned to keep hight under control---or how about rhodies?


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Thank you, Patricia, I'll look into the Norway Spruce. I would love rhodies, but they do grow slowly and the deer.....

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