Why did the deer choose these plants and what can I do to save th

Madison_the_JRTMarch 26, 2011

Although my property borders woods, this is the first year since 1994 that I've noticed real damage beyond a few nibbles. The heavy snow this year and an increase in the herd (where I've only seen 1-2 before I now have 6-8 at once)are good reasons for their eating at my house, but I'd like to know why they chose the plants that they did.

In the front they devoured an everygreen euonymus - including what I would consider some very hard to reach branches - (but left it's red berries alone) and didn't touch the much more accessible Janet Blair rhodadendrons about 20 feet away (on the other side of the driveway).

In the back they once again ignored a couple of Janet Blairs

while they feasted on another 4 rhody bushes across the yard. Unfortunately, although I planted the latter, I do not remember their name. They are about 4 feet tall and have white, late mid-season (I think) flowers.

Why do you think they chose what they did and can either of these be saved??

They took about all of the euonymus leaves and about 80% of the rhody's.

I've known about the euonymus since the beginning of the season, but it's the just-discovered rhodys that prompted me to look for help.

My Jack Terrier chases after them, but I've noticed each time they seem to let her get closer before they run. The fact that she is satisfied with just getting them off of her land and not chasing them into the forrest probably doesn't help,

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Hi, just noticed this forum...I'm usually on other forums. Are you in Mad town, WI? If so, I can tell you what works on Wisconsin deer for us...

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