Something else is in my garden...?

bumblebeecabinMarch 26, 2010

Okay, I know I have voles, moles... the ocassional armadillo, oppossum, raccoon... bunny rabbits, too.

But I just planted some mondo grass and it was eaten down to the root ... could it be a deer? My neighbor says some have been moving through... but I thought my dogs had been keeping them at a decent radius away from my garden.

I have been waging war with the voles... tried lots of things but only thing slowing them down has been a physical rocky barrier.

The mondo grass did not have any neighboring mole/vole holes nearby... which usually would have led me to believe that it was my favorite underground herbivore. Could a vole snack on my mondo grass DOWN TO the root rather than from the root up?

What eats mondo grass? It reminds me of when I planted some carnations last spring... half were gone after one night... (down to the root again) then the other half was gone the following night.... leaving the root ball. Usually the voles eat the root ball, leaving my plant to suddenly flop over and bring me running, albeit too late.

Could something else be digging and eating my plants in the yard? Help!

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If it's deer, i am sure you would see tracks and or droppings....any sign other sign left around the mondo area?

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No... I haven't seen deer tracks/droppings either. The area around the mondo is covered with moss, so if it was a deer I think its hooves might have made an impression. Do rabbits eat mondo grass?

I have seen signs of armadillo activity recently, plus I startled a bunny when planting some flowers the other day. Would they snack on a freshly planted (I have other mounds that have never been touched for years) mound of mondo that was even sprinkled with some kind of granule to ward off critters. It had bloodmeal, garlic, maybe castor oil... can't remember everything at the moment.

Maybe it was a dog that thought I seasoned a salad for him.

At least the roots are left. That is more than I can say for my vole attacks.

Any advice on herbivores overall is appreciated... I pretty much have started planting things I think they wouldn't like... strong smell, toxic, tough to chew, etc. But every now and then I really would like to have something I know will probably get chomped on.

I just planted a weeping Louisa crab apple, I pray they don't get her... she is so pretty.

Hope everyone is having a sunny, warm saturday in their gardens!


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